Company Profile

  • Company name
  • Establishment
    December 1st, 1945
  • Stock and capital
    Total number of shares issued 700,000 shares
    Total number of issued shares 200,000 shares
    Capital fund 100 million yen
  • Purpose
    1.Sales, installation and repair of industrial, manufacturing, construction
      machineries, and electric equipment
    2.Sales of industrial, manufacturing and construction materials
    3.Contract, design, supervision and execution of construction work in general
    4.Leasing, management and operation of real estates
    5.Rental, leasing and mediation of movable properties
    6.Curio dealer
    7.Sales and leasing of medical equipment
    8.All operations incidental to the preceding items
  • Number of employees
  • Sales
    Total sales of 19.7 billion yen in the past year
  • Items for permission and authorization
    [Contractor’s license]
    ● September 1st, 2014
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Permission No. 23212
    Specific Civil engineering
    Specific Construction work
    Specific Steel structure property construction work
    Specific Pavement construction work
    Specific Machinery and equipment set up