Power supply Vehicle

Power supply Vehicle

As an emergency power source with excellent mobility, it is useful in a wide range of applications such as securing temporary power sources for disaster sites and evacuation sites and mobile charging of electric vehicles (EVs).


  • ・Simultaneous output of three-phase four-wire and single-phase three-wire
    (No switching required: Within rated current range)
  • ・Rated output 100kVA
    (Three-phase four-wire 60Hz)
  • ・Fuel used; light oil
  • ・Noise level;60dB
    (Wiring is possible from the external terminal BOX)
  • ・You can drive with an ordinary license
  • ・In addition, we can respond to requests for gasoline vehicles, EV vehicles, etc.

Vehicle left front
(Equipped with movable LED light)

Vehicle side: Door closed
(Two places above the door equipped with LED lights during night work)

Vehicle side: Door open
(Three doors can be opened and closed on both sides. Accessories can be stored)

Vehicle left rear
(It is also possible to operate the generator panel from the small door)

Vehicle rear external terminal BOX
(Vehicle rear external terminal BOX)

Terminal BOX door closed
(Prevention of short-circuit accidents during power transmission)

Terminal BOX door open
(Cable terminal connection status)