Mechanical device

In-house exhibition Picking robot system

3D random picking is demonstrated by combining YASKAWA robot and SOLOMON's picking system. I also exhibited at a certain exhibition.

Air balancer device

It has a balancer function with an air sequence using a precision regulator. It is also possible to switch the hanging weight.

Air balancer device

Automatic sealing device

A multi-axis robot is equipped with a tool for automatic sealing. We can provide the entire system including the sealant feeder.

Glass urethane automatic sealing device

Logistics/transportation system

We design and manufacture various conveyors. We handle a wide variety of purposes such as special carts, transport containers, hoists, and overhead cranes related to logistics.

  • Pallet transport Top roller chain conveyor

  • Pallet conveyor

Automatic tightening measures

It is possible to support including a work fixing jig.

  • Automobile underbody automatic tightening assembly device (jig part)

  • Automatic bolt supply bolt tightening robot

Compatible with various electric devices

We design and manufacture various control panels. We also carry out on-site installation and wiring work.

Various control panel production

Inspection device

We have a track record of various inspection devices. All the inspection software can be done in-house.

Appearance inspection device

Automatic random picking device

It is a random picking device that uses position recognition by a 3D camera and a multi-axis robot. Our company handles everything from designing, manufacturing, assembly, trial operation, and local startup.

Random automatic picking device (3D vision)

Press machine

We also design and manufacture press-fitting machines such as bush press-fitting.

Pressure device

Various automation systems/robot systems

We have many system achievements with multi-axis robots. Please contact us first.
We can handle everything from design-manufacturing/assembly-in-house trial run-on-site installation work-local start-up trial run-production witness.

  • Handling robot system between presses

  • Work removal-packing-transport system

  • Welding jig