Taking the opportunity of changing our company name in 2018, our company has set its sights on global expansion and is making new efforts to develop our own products based on the SDGs, which are global issues.
We contribute to building a sustainable society by the following products.Motors and inverter panels of air conditioning that reduce CO2 emissions by used in large redevelopment buildings and semiconductor factories.For the increasing occurrences of natural disasters, the water supply vehicle "We-dash" that is equipped with a device converts seawater into fresh water and the power supply vehicle "E-dash".
Under such circumstances, Japanese technology is once again attracting attention as a common mission is being imposed on countries around the world.
Entrepreneur, America's leading business magazine, has published a feature article titled "The Technologies of Tomorrow, Here Today" that spotlights Japanese technology.
Recently, our company's efforts have been evaluated, and an interview article with President and Representative Director Jiro Ichikawa has been published.



Founded in 1977, Entrepreneur is a magazine for entrepreneurs and business executives around the world.
It is one of the world's most influential and respected media brands with a long history, disseminating information on the world's latest technology and cutting-edge business.
It has over 3.2 million subscribers worldwide and boasts over 15.8 million social followers.

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