Environmentally improved motors LEPTOS series

LPM®L(Leptos) P(Permanent) M(Magnet)

From ICHIKAWA to the age of carbon neutrality.
The world's first
"super efficient", "super compact",
"super environmentally friendly"
motor and control unit!

  • super efficient

    96.5% efficiency

  • super compact

    From conventional motors
    Length reduced by 70
    control unit
    40% reduction in area

  • super environmentally friendly

    If replaced by a conventional motor
    1 tonne/
    vehicle per year
    Carbon dioxide reduction

ICHIKAWA plans in various ways as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
and ICHIKAWA will continue to contribute to the global environment in the future.

LPM load side

LPM anti-load side

Comparison of VPM and LPM externals

Comparison of VPM and LPM profiles (top)

Comparison of general-purpose and
new inverter panels

Control panel

New inverter panel (internal)

Slim-type inverter panel

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