Picking AGV

Unmanned transport vehicles/robot-mounted
Equipped with a cooperative robot that can work in co-operation with humans, without the need for safety fences.
The robot can move to multiple locations to transport workpieces and perform robot work.


  • 1

    Processing power
    Treated water quality: TDS 500ppm or less.
    Processed water amount:20㎥/day
    Amount of treated water that can be supplied: 20,000 liters per day.
    (It can supply domestic water for 500 people per day)
    Raw water conditions
    Raw water amount:38㎥/day、Raw water quality: TDS 2,000ppm or less.

  • 2

    Processing method:Reverse osmosis membrane method

  • 3

    Electrical specifications: 200V 60Hz.
     ※Power is supplied from an external source such as "E-dash".

  • 4

    Water source:Pumps water from the ocean , pools, ponds, etc.

  • 5

    It equipped with a raw water intake pump.:30L/min×25mH×0.75kw

  • 6

    You can drive with a regular license.

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