Power supply Vehicle

Power supply Vehicle

As an emergency power source with excellent mobility, it is useful in a wide range of applications such as securing temporary power sources for disaster sites and shelter and mobile charging of electric vehicles (EV).


  • 1

    Three-phase and single-phase three-wire simultaneous output possible
    (No switching required: within the rated current range)

  • 2

    Rated output 60kVA
    (Three-phase 4-wire 60Hz)

  • 3

    Fuel used; diesel

  • 4

    Continuous operation time 12 hours
    (75% load)

  • 5

    Vehicles can be driven with a ordinary license

  • 6

    We can respond to requests such as gasoline vehicles and EV

  • 7

    Noise: Sound pressure level 60dB/7m / Sound power level LwA88dB [ultra-low]
    (Increased soundproofing effect by operating with the door closed)

Front left view

Side view: door closed
(2 places on the top of the door Equipped with LED lights for night work)

Side view: Door open
(3 doors on both sides can be opened/closed / Tools can be stored in the front)

Left rear view

Rear end small door
(The generator can be operated from a small door)

Rear view: door open
(With generator refueling port)

External terminal BOX(left and right)
(External output is possible when the door is closed (soundproof))

Terminal box door closed (left side)

Terminal box door open (left side)
(4 single-phase 100V outlets / 1 single-phase 200V terminal)

In March 2023, we donated our own product, the generator car "E-dash", to Hiroshima Prefecture. In recent years, natural disasters such as heavy rain disasters are increasing in various parts of the country, and this "E-dash" can be used as a power supply during power outages, lifesaving work at disaster sites, and recovery work to help build a resilient society. We believe that we can make a contribution.