In order to create the future ,
We are looking for people with a strong spirit of challenge.

Our company has been engaged in three main businesses since 2018: a technical trading company focusing on industrial machinery such as industrial, construction, and electrical equipment; an engineering business centered around robotics; and a manufacturing business specializing in the development of motors for air conditioning power and the design and production of control panels.

  • Recruitment type
    Technical sales staff (all bases)
    Mechanical design (Hiroshima, Tokyo)
    Control design (Hiroshima)
    Distribution board and power control board design (Tokyo)
  • Qualification requirements
    College of technology / University graduation (expected) or higher, ordinary car driver's license
  • Work location
    Hiroshima Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Branch, Nagoya Sales Office, Okayama Sales Office, Fukuyama Sales Office, Oita Sales Office *Work location will be determined based on your request.
  • Working hours
    8:30-17:30 Actual work 8 hours (1 hour break)
  • Salary
    [New graduate recruitment] Starting salary 250,000 yen
    【Mid-career recruitment】Determined by age, experience and location
  • Other allowances
    Family allowance, commuting allowance, housing allowance, regional allowance, etc.
    * Payment of each allowance will be determined based on our company regulations.
  • Salary increase
    Once a year in July
  • Bonus
    Twice a year in July and December (paid for 1.5 months each)
    With end of term bonus(Depends on performance)
  • Holiday vacation
    124 days a year, two days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays,
    *Summer holidays and year-end and New Year holidays are based on the company calendar.
  • Welfare
    Full social insurance, retirement allowance system, in-house reward system, property accumulation savings system
  • Probation period
    3 months
    *No changes to the terms
  • Test period
    Yes (3 months)
  • Selection method
    Document screening → interview/written test

Inquiries about recruitment:
Ryosuke Yaoki